Best Keurig Coffee Maker


What is the best Keurig coffee maker? I hear that question all the time. It really depends on what you want out of a coffee maker. Keurig is one of the world’s leading coffee maker brands at the current moment, and for good reason. With a Keurig coffee maker you can have a fresh hot cup of coffee in under a minute usually. There are three main choices to choose from when I think the best Keurig brewer which are the Mini Plus, B40 Elite, and B60 Platinum. However, my personal favorite is the B40 Elite.

So why is the Elite a favorite of mine? For a few reasons, which we will compare to the other brewers listed. But the Main reason is because of features and ultimately price.

B40 VS Mini Plus

So what is the big difference between the Keurig Mini Plus and The B40? For starters, the time it takes to brew. The B40 takes about a minute to brew one cup of coffee. The Mini Plus on the other hand takes almost three minutes. That might not sound like a big deal, but it is and here is why. Think about how long it takes for a cup of coffee to get cold, five maybe six minutes. So you are losing time of having a hot cup of coffee. Also the B40 has a 48oz reservoir so you do not need to fill the coffee maker with water every time you brew like you have to do with the Mini Plus.

B40 VS B60

So what are the biggest difference between the Keurig B40 and B60? The B60 has a lot of fluff. What I mean by that is that the B60 has a lot of unnecessary features. They are cool but not necessary. These features include an Auto On which nobody really uses, and water temperature control. Both of theses features hardly get used and that is why I feel they are not necessary.

All in all my vote goes to the Keurig B40 Elite. It has just the right amount of features to really make the best of the technology without going overboard. Keurig has so many flavors to choose from you will get lost trying to try all of them. The B40 is a great choice for an all-around good coffee maker and I would highly suggest anyone serious about getting a Keurig to give it a try.




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Best Keurig Coffee Maker
Best Keurig Coffee Maker

Best Keurig Coffee Maker

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